Acid Rain

I waste my time,
On one way love,
Why don't you feel the same way?I need advice from above.
The ones I'm always drawn to,
Seem to disappear,
One day they're right beside me,
The next they're nowhere near.
I get emotionally involved,
All by myself,
And I get headaches from crying and crying,
It's not good for my health.
I admire from afar,
But I wish I was close,
And the unrequited feelings supplied,
Come in a lethal dose.
I tell myself that there could be a chance,
But it's all in my head,
I find it hard to accept,
This romance is dead.
Now knowing what to do,
I need to find someone who will love me back,
But I don't know who,
My heart is constantly under attack,
And I know it'll never beat right without you.
Billions of people in this world,
And I can't even find one,
To take away the grey skies,
And give me the sun.
Don't you know it doesn't matter,
I've heard it all before,
They say it'll be okay,
Yet the acid rain continues to pour.