Mine All Mine

My pillow is my shoulder to cry on,
When I'm feeling all alone,
And my teddy bear is my companion,
Since there's no one on the phone.

My diary is my confidant,
Where my true feelings lie,
They become immersed in ink,
When they need a place to hide.

Lyrics are my relation,
That assure I'm not the only one,
Who had no destination,
When they needed to run.

My photos are my proof,
That good times did exist,
On the other hand they're visual reminders,
Of everything that I miss.

My mirror is my reflection,
Of all things that are me,
But it doesn't bring to the surface,
Everything there is to see.

My eyes are like taps,
That leak away at night,
Hoping when I wake up in the morning,
Everything will be alright.

My beauty is unseen,
As I step into the light,
The whole world can seem so dark,
Even when all around it's bright.

My lips have participated in conversations,
That have lead to heartbreak,
Things that should have been left unsaid,
That were all a big mistake.

My feet have crossed boundaries,
That weren't meant to be explored,
Even though signs were there to warn me,
They were nothing but ignored.