Step by Step

Introduce yourself,
And break the ice,
For its only in the beginning,
That you'll be nice.
Ask me out for coffee,
You offer to buy,
Do all the smooth talking,
To convince me you're a different type of guy.
Taking my hand,
You say you want to make it official,
Telling me there's more to you than meets the eye,
And you're in no way superficial.
We go out to dinner,
Sip and talk amongst champagne,
This is the beginning of all your treats,
A crucial step in your game.
Later we take a stroll,
On the moonlit beach,
You deliver line by line,
Flawlessly as if you've been practising a speech.
It becomes a while,
And we're still an item,
Spending practically everyday together,
And hardly ever fighting.
Buy me a diamond ring,
Swear you love me so,
But jewellery won't mean a thing,
If you're just going to get up and go.
Kiss my lips,
You promise not to make me cry,
Tell me I'm your whole world,
But then you say goodbye.