Story of my Life

So this is how the story goes,
And this is the pain that nobody knows.
It took her so long,
To build that bridge,
To walk over it,
And get over him.

Finally she did,
The feelings got rid,
And she never saw him again.

Time seemed to tell,
That she would never love again.
But time was lying,
And she didn't know there could be much worse pain.

He took her hand,
Touched her heart.
She thought she had him,
Right from the start.

Floating on a cloud of joy,
This girl, falling for this boy.
What could she do?
He said he was feeling it too.

A sinking feeling,
In the back of her mind.
When he announced he would call,
She had a feeling she would find,
Just another broken heart,
One that was destined to fall apart.

He let go of her hand,
And broke up her heart.
She never had him..
From the start.