You Are

You're like a razor,
That cuts through my skin,
Breaks my heart,
And tortures the soul within.

Here I was,
Thinking you changed,
But you're as cold as ice,
So my hopeful thinking's deranged.

You're like a disease,
That will never have a cure,
You're like an addiction,
So bad but leave me wanting more.

You're like a crack of thunder,
That strikes an unsuspecting tree,
Burns it to ashes in a flash,
That's what you do to me.

You're like unpredictable weather,
First hot then cold,
Now I know we'll never be together,
That's a fact I don't need to be told.

My feelings don't exist,
My thoughts don't matter,
It looks like you can resist,
As my heart prepares to shatter.