Unfinished Finished

[warning: this poem is LONG]

Giving my heart,
Letting go of my soul,
All for you to tear it apart,
And swallow me whole,
Spit me out,
Kick me out,
Scream and shout,
Lies and doubt,
Only thing thats around,
Is not to be seen or found,
It's like we're caught in this one way street,
Chasing something that slips beneath our feet,
It's like we can't find what we want to have,
We hold onto what we got,
Our love is lost,
But it seems like we forgot...

We try, yet we fail,
Will this ever prevail?
My love, isn't enough,
There's much more needed whenever we face the rough,
One love can seem so strong,
It can last for so long,
Seems like nothing can go wrong,
But you don't see it coming all along...

My emotions so twisted,
Your words so cold,
My emptiness surrounds me,
Standing out so tall and bold,
A dark cloud circles and whispers into my ear,
Letting me know, either the end, or danger is near,
My heart fights back saying it's just another day,
Another setback, to cope with my own way...

You're the one meant to be here,
The one wiping the tears, getting rid of my fear,
But all I have is air,
Tears i shed, knowing you aren't there,
What happened to you caring for me?
Have u lost all your integrity,
Honestly, tell me, am I doing you wrong?
If so, what, and for how long?
I can change, even if it is just for you,
Just for us to be together, there's nothing I wouldn't do,
I'd put my happiness aside,
Knowing you and I would survive....

Without you I don't feel the same,
All that I feel is the same old pain,
Driving me insane,
Slowly creeping in and messing with my head,
Thoughts race in and out a mile a minute as I lay still in my bed,
The world seems too out of reach,
With no one hear to teach,
Me, How to live this lie,
Giving me alternatives, other then to lay here and want to die,
If I could take back what I did or what I said,
Then maybe this wouldn't be the beginning of the end of my life,
My heart, my soul, dead....