To be or not to be?

Are we meant to be together,
Or destined to be apart,
Are we meant to be together,
Just listen to your heart.

Are we friends or are we not,
You told me once but I forgot,
I’ll give you my world, I’ll give you my heart,
I’ll give you my soul, just don’t tear it apart.

I do need you,
Can’t you see?
That you and I are meant to be,
Only you can fulfil my dreams,
Only you can make it easier than it seems.

Every day I hope and pray,
That you and I will be together someday,
Where did we go wrong,
You didn’t love me all along,
No matter what I say - no matter what I do,
You’ll never love me - I’ll always love you.

Over time, without me,
You’ll be free and living independently,
So I’m not going to let you treat me this way,
I’m going to forget you,
There’s nothing to say.