Every time I see you,
my heart skips a beat,
Every little thing you do,
Let’s me know that you’re so sweet,
When you hug me, when you hold me,
I believe all the sweet things you told me,
Am I falling into a trap?
Is everything you say just made up crap?
When I saw you the other day,
You didn’t say hi, didn’t even look my way,
I hope you realize, that broke my heart,
The ignorance ripped through me,
And tore my soul apart,
I hope I can see you again,
Coz you always make me smile,
I wanna hold you for a little while,
Coz you’re my sunshine, shining brightly through the clouds of rain,
You’re the one who can take away my pain,
I know we’re friends,
But now I’m not so sure,
Maybe one day we can be something more.

Written 5th March 2005