What Your Love Did To Me

Trembling inside,
All these feelings to hide,
Wondering how long I can keep this alive,
If I’ll even survive,
I’m hanging on by a thread,
In this relationship that’s messing with my head,
Feeling a bit insecure,
Wondering if I’m gonna be walking through that door,
Heart beating fast,
Hoping this will last…

Trying to figure out a plan,
Something to help me do whatever I can,
Thinking of a way to feel comforted and real,
Knowing this is the way it can feel,
Others times my heart you steal,
Showing me that this is the deal,
Why can’t I just relax in my mind,
The answers are so hard to find,
The world is crashing down all around,
My feet aren’t balancing on the ground,
And yet all I can hear is the sound,
Of my broken heart,
The one that is falling apart…

It all started out so great,
Destiny was on my side, it was fate,
It brought you to me,
It made me see,
Life was worth living for,
You were something I couldn’t ignore,
But I kept asking for more,
As I lay here helpless crying on the floor,
How could something so sweet turn so sour?
There has to be some sort of supernatural power,
That reigns up above,
One that controls anything to do with love…

If I could afford the ticket, I’d buy it now,
Get me out of here, somehow,
But I’m stuck with no where to go,
Feeling like I have to put on a show,
An act,
That’s way too far from an actual fact,
If only you could see,
That you mean the world to me…