Maintaining the perfect reputation,
Took a lot of time and concentration,
Everywhere you went you wanted to be seen,
All you’d wish for was to live the perfect dream,
Everyone had to know your name,
Else they’d have to face shame,
You liked to be intimidating,
And your ego was inflating,
There’s no on who could change the way you thought,
No presents could do this or gifts that were bought,
You left the people you looked down on totally distraught,
You had everything,
Yet you wanted more,
Being treated like the queen,
That was definitely for sure,
Being such a material girl,
Just had to have to richest world,
With people following you around,
Your head was in the clouds, your feet not on the ground,
Can’t believe that you expected,
To be respected,
All you wanted was to be part of the game,
To win popularity,
Over and over again…