Could Have Had It All

Our love was blind,
Wasn't built to last,
It slipped away,
So damn fast,
But I can’t change anything,
It’s all in the past,
We talked and talked, you said we’d be together,
You promised me so much, said we’d last forever,
But that was all a lie,
There was no truth in it,
You refused to give us a try,
But it was my fault because I fell,
There was no one to warn me, no one to tell,
I should have been told,
That you weren’t right for me,
Obviously I was too blinded by love to see,
That you had no feelings for me,
We could have had it all,
Could have had so much,
With every word spoken, every little touch,
Found a little bit of paradise,
In this world,
Found a slice of heaven,
And I could have been your girl,
Would have been your one and only,
Never would have left you lonely,
Despair in the cold night air,
When you didn't care,
There was tears running down my face,
After you tossed my heart all over the place.