Just Thinking

I think about you,
Every day - every night,
Knowing you’re the one,
My Mr. Right,
Can’t wait for the times,
When I get to see you,
I wish that I, could always be with you,
Gazing deeply into your eyes,
Always expecting a big surprise,
Love the way we touch,
Gives me the impression you love me so much,
When we kiss,
I feel pure bliss,
Always wanting to be by your side,
You can run but you cant hide,
The way I feel about you,
You don’t even know,
My real feelings for you,
I’m trying not to show,
When I can’t see you,
I cry,
Knowing I can’t have you,
Makes me wanna die,
When I’m with you,
I feel so alive,
Whenever you’re around,
I know I can survive,
I’ve fallen for you,
And I don’t wanna get up because I love you,
I can lie here with you,
Night and day,
And your love will always light my way.

Written 13th March 2005