Release The Pain

Soul torn,
Heart empty,
Feeling forlorn,
How can this be?
Fortune and contentment,
A thing of the past,
No way at all,
To make it last,
Feeling down full of shame,
Have to find a way to release the pain,
Thinking of possible ways,
You opt to end your days,
Then you realize it’s all too drastic,
Have to find something that’s much more fantastic,
Pain like a stab in the heart,
Whole world falling apart.

Blaming everything on me,
Crying all the time, unable to see,
Everything good’s out of reach,
No one there to teach,
No one there to say,
That something good will happen today.

All left up to your imagination,
Losing all your concentration,
Mind spinning round and round,
Feet aren’t on solid ground,
Definitely at an all time low,
Hide from the world don’t wanna show,
Straying away from friends,
Difficult to make amends,
Writing in your diary of experiences that occur in your life,
Hard to hold on, and strife,
To improve your way of thinking,
Staring at your reflection your eyes are blinking.

Empty thoughts racing a mile a minute,
Feeling out of sync with the world like your just not in it,
Used to be in control,
Knew it all,
Drowning in sadness,
It’s all you can feel,
Feeling unblessed,
It’s all too real,
Just wanna curl up and die,
Laying there staring at the sky,
It’s so blue,
Matching your mood,
The good memories won’t do,
But one day it’ll all be over and you’ll feel better,
For now you’ll just write a letter,
Someone might open it and read it,
And empathize with what you’ve been through.