The Last Goodbye

As I turn around,
A tear in my eye,
I let it slip down my cheek,
As I begin to cry,
Speaking words softly into my ear,
Dreading the fact that you will never be near,
Standing face to face,
This is our last embrace,
Holding you close I don’t wanna let you go,
You’re the only one I ever loved,
I just wanted you to know,
How could I let you get away,
Why did it happen on this cold, sad day,
My one my only true love,
My only one sent from above,
All the time I spent with you,
Everything we used to do,
Will remain in my heart forever,
I’m distraught as I realize we will never be together,
As I let you go and get out of my sight,
I won’t forget how you made everything alright,
The stars shine brightly above me,
I stare deep into them and I see,
A vision of you smiling at me,
Now I know you’ve been set free,
I cry day in day out,
I don’t bother to scream and shout,
Tears on my pillow as I hold it tight,
I stare at your picture and whisper goodnight,
I’m dreaming of you,
I wonder if you’re dreaming of me too,
I’ll never forget the memories we shared,
I’ll never forget how much you cared,
So dedicated to you,
The only one for you,
I really wanted to be with you,
Here I am, without you,
All I do is cry,
As you walk away, this is our last goodbye…