Uneasy life

If you think my life’s easy,
I’m afraid your wrong,
If you think it’s breezy,
Then you don’t know where I belong,
Wake up in the morning light,
Know bad words will be spoken,
Feeling the day won’t turn out right,
My mood is already broken,
Getting ready,
I think about life,
Trying to keep my thoughts steady,
I have my breakfast and take a bite,
The sun shining,
It’s a beautiful day,
My soul is whining,
I can’t escape or get away,
Trying to create a plan that will work,
Thinking about my loneliness,
And how you acted like a jerk,
Friends had ditched me,
They didn’t wanna know me anymore,
Telling me they didn’t mean what they said,
But I wasn’t so sure,
Heading outside,
I raise my head high,
Take a whiff of the air,
And stare at the sky,
Wondering when all this will end,
Waiting for my life to return to normal again.